Botswana Butchery is one of Good Group’s premium restaurant brands.

Located in the historic Ferry Building on Quay Street, Botswana Butchery is a steakhouse offering a classy setting. We offer an incomparable ocean view and a welcoming ambience, along with the finest meat cuts and dishes full of flavour. This dedication to bringing only the best ingredients to customers has helped grow the restaurant’s popularity and overall praise from many visitors.

As part of Good Group’s premium restaurant brands, Botswana Butchery is also in Queenstown. Discover why many people enjoy our unique cuisine and values.

International Expertise, Local Ingredients

Every ingredient, meat, and wine is carefully reviewed and selected to bring you original recipes with the best fresh products Central Otago has to offer. Furthermore, our menus are constantly evolving to bring unique flavours that will suit every palate.

More Than a Restaurant: A Fun Experience

Botswana Butchery is one of the best intimate date night restaurants with its plush mezzanine. But it can be more than that thanks to a welcoming bar offering cocktails in a more casual setting and a comfortable dining room.

You can come in for a romantic night with your family or enjoy a good steakhouse restaurant with friends. We can welcome over 155 people, and we can accommodate groups of eight or more with special sets that will leave no one hungry.

We aim to offer the best cuisine possible without being pompous. We call this fun dining! We strive to feature original menus that can play with your expectations through innovative ideas. We also welcome you warmly and ensure you have a wonderful time.

Experience Premium Fun Dining With Us Today!

If Botswana Butchery sounds like a good steakhouse restaurant you want to try, come and enjoy some fun dining with us. You can book a table online or give us a call to discover one of the top Auckland steakhouses.

  • Anton Leyland // Executive Chef

    Anton’s extensive career started at the Hyatt Regency in Auckland, but he quickly moved on to work for award winning chef Michael James at MJ’s and at Euro before heading across the Tasman. He landed a job at Tetsuya under Martin Benn. Anton’s love of fusing culturally polarised cuisines was born when Tetsuya was on the forefront of melting haute French fine dining with Japanese simplicity and executional perfectionism.
    Anton moved on to work for Gulf Air, which allowed him to experience the flavours of the world. After a stint as Area Manager at Bid Food, he landed the role of Head of Recipe Development at My Food Bag, one of NZ fastest growing companies.
    Anton joined Good Group Hospitality in 2023, where he continues his success story as Executive Chef.

  • Renata Hitchcock // General Manager

    Renata joined Botswana Butchery as General Manager in 2022 and has been a vital part of the Good Group Hospitality team since. She moved to New Zealand in 2019 and found her passion for the hospitality industry when she joined Cook Brothers Bars as a General Manager of La Zeppa.
    Born and raised in a small town in the Czech Republic, she moved to Prague to study international business and management.
    Renata has extensive experience in the Fashion Retail industry throughout Europe. She worked for Kenvelo, Skechers, Van Graaf and won the Most Successful New Business Award in Krakow while working as Country Manager for Answer.
    Renata is a true powerhouse and her positive nature mixed with her professionalism have made her an outstanding leader at Botswana Butchery. Renata speaks five languages and loves good food and wine.

  • Jan OuYang // Head Chef

    Jan began her career at the prestigious Peppers Blue Water Resort, where she mastered the art of fine dining and curated memorable experiences for weddings. A stint at Plum Vineyard in Matakana further refined her culinary skills in diverse settings.
    Under the guidance of esteemed chefs like Josh Emett and Mikey Newland, Jan spent a collective eight years honing her craft, embracing innovation, and setting high culinary standards. Serving as a Sous Chef at renowned establishments such as Ostro and Bracu, she contributed to their success, dedication and creativity.
    Stepping into leadership roles, Jan assumed the position of Head Chef at Ampersand, and worked with Hannah Miller ‘A Lady Butchery” at Churly’s restaurant, before joining the Botswana Butchery team as Head Chef in December 2023.

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