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Botswana Butchery is a premium steakhouse located in the heart of Auckland city, inside the Ferry Building. This top steakhouse benefits from the 16 years of experience of Mark Gillespie, bringing a taste of the deep South using local premium products to Auckland.

The menu is varied with different meat cuts, like steak from Auckland, as well as more sophisticated dishes. If you’re looking for the best oysters in Auckland, look no further. You’ll also find premium Wagyu beef raised in Auckland cooked with the best local ingredients. Discover what the best ingredients in Auckland can become when cooked with passion, with just a touch of that South exoticism. There’s plenty of choice with constantly renewed menus to pander to every palate.

The Perfect Venue To Make An Impression

Botswana Butchery offers all the luxury you can expect from a chef’s restaurant located in the historic Ferry Building. You’ll find a main dining room with the most comfortable seating to enjoy your meal, a mezzanine with an incomparable ocean view to impress your loved ones, and a bar to enjoy our incredible cocktails in a more casual setting.

Bring as Many People as You Want

Our main dining room can accommodate 155 people between the main dining room and the mezzanine, and the bar can welcome 35 guests, so you’ll never feel claustrophobic! Furthermore, we have special sets for groups of eight people or more to provide a full-course meal to each guest at the most reasonable price.

Contact Us

Reservations, Event & Venue Privatization

Phone: (09) 307 6966


Botswana Butchery

Ferry Building 99 Quay St, Auckland CBD, Auckland 1001, New Zealand

Get a Table At Botswana Butchery Today!

Our venue is luxurious, with a high-end mezzanine, an elegant dining room, and a cosy bar. If you have any questions or want to make a reservation, don’t hesitate to give us a call at the following number:

(09) 307 6966

Our staff will be happy to help you book lunch or dinner, whether you’re coming with a couple of people or with groups of eight people or more.

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